These cannabis stocks are looking good as long-term investments

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For patient investors in it for the long haul, several names make great targets

Investing is not usually a get-rich-quick tactic. It is often a long-term process that requires patience, commitment, and keeping calm when the market fluctuates, as it inevitably will, especially when it comes to cannabis. A long-term investment generally offers a greater likelihood of maximizing returns over ten years, rather than giving you a high return in just a few years. In the marijuana sector, there are a couple of stocks capable of giving you good returns in about a decade.

As you become more financially literate and, above all, make mistakes that lead you to lose money, you start to become interested in other, calmer types of investments that focus on the long term. One answer can be found in Curaleaf Holdings, a multi-state operator (MSO) with a large presence in the US.

Its footprint, spanning more than 20 states, makes 142 dispensaries available for consumers to find high-quality products. The company recently reported third-quarter revenues of $339.7 million, up 7% year over year. If this growth trend continues, there is no doubt that the company will become a juggernaut in ten years.

Trulieve has also been seen as an incredible opportunity for long-term investors. The company operates 176 dispensaries in nearly a dozen states.

This expansion makes it the largest MSO by retail footprint in the country. Last year it acquired Harvest Health and Recreation for $2.1 billion, and so far, the company is still grappling with the absorption of new dispensaries in different regions of the US. While that process has perhaps affected its profitability, it is easy to see Trulieve as a dominant player.

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