These cannabis stocks are getting more support from analysts

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There are a number of cannabis companies that more industry analysts are following

While it is true that several experts are forecasting low cannabis sales in the US in the short term, the sector is still quite attractive for investors. A report by PI Financial analyst Jason Zandberg shared yesterday has focused on the third-quarter results of US companies. While the report’s data reports sales discrepancies in different states across the country, the latest news that has flooded the cannabis sector could indicate that November could turn out to be a very positive month, especially as the midterm elections approach.

For Zandberg, Florida-based Trulieve Cannabis is undoubtedly one of the best options to choose from at this time. Having closed the acquisition of multi-state operator Harvest Health & Recreation a year ago, Trulieve significantly diversified and expanded its business, which previously relied heavily on Florida.

Trulieve now has a presence in more than ten states and claims to have “leading market position” in three of them. Arizona, Pennsylvania and Florida appear to be its main targets at this time.

Verano Holding shares have suffered a considerable drop (65%) during 2022, but for the expert, this company still has incredible potential. While unknowns remain due to its recent IPO, the company has managed its operations well enough to become one of the largest cannabis firms in the country.

With 135 retail stores in operation and more than 130 planned, Verano is ideally positioned for its performance to continue to improve. Florida is its key market, with nearly 60 dispensaries there, along with 15 in Pennsylvania and ten in Illinois.