These cannabis stocks are among the best picks for 2023

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There are several cannabis stocks that investors need to consider sooner, not later

The first month of the year is already starting to say goodbye and that means there is still plenty of time to make decisions that will affect the course of the year. Investments continue to be part of many people’s plans for the new year, and according to Forbes experts, there are a few marijuana stocks that could be the answer to a solid portfolio. With 21 states allowing recreational use and 37 states with legal medical cannabis, there remains a wide range of options for investing in this industry.

Market analysts at Forbes have listed Curaleaf as one of the most logical choices for this year. The firm currently has a presence in more than 20 states through 29 cultivation sites and 147 dispensaries.

Many people choose it for offering strains and in-house products with different ingestion formats and compound levels. For some time now, the company has been focusing on a growth strategy, and with 2023 looking good, it may be the right time to invest in it.

Then there is Green Thumb Industries, a manufacturer and distributor of customer-packaged products to cannabis retailers across the US. The company has always focused on optimizing user wellness through the benefits of cannabis as well as giving back to the communities with which it interacts. With a footprint in 15 markets across the country, the 77 retail stores and 18 manufacturing facilities are ready to deliver the best quality possible.

And then there is the multi-state operator (MSO) Cresco Labs. The company manufactures, cultivates, and sells its products through wholesale cannabis distribution and multiple dispensaries.

Its 56 stores, spread across a total of ten states, seek to educate consumers about its products. Its operations in Sunnyside can be of great help in attracting a wider audience for its products and improving its profitability over time.