These cannabis stocks are among the best for investors

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Several cannabis companies are on analysts’ radars as sentiment improves

Many investors are looking to diversify their portfolios, and many experts say cannabis stocks are an ideal way to do so. For those looking to wade into these waters, they should identify marijuana stocks with strong management teams and solid financials, as well as a clear competitive advantage. While it is true that much of the cannabis sector is volatile, there are some areas that are not as prone to volatility, making it easier to profit. Analysts recommend three solid companies to bet on at this time.

StateHouse Holdings may not be a well-known company at the moment, but it has the potential to become the stock that will make you close March on the right foot. The firm is engaged in the processing, cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and retailing of marijuana products for the US recreational and medical markets. With more than a dozen retailers distributed mostly in California, the company has a lot to offer.

TPCO Holding is also not among the top companies in the industry but has proven to have a solid balance sheet that investors should bet on. The company also focuses primarily on the Golden State by cultivating, extracting, manufacturing, distributing, retailing and delivering cannabis. Its recently announced new Cruisers brand appears to be a successful launch.

And finally, there is Lowell Farm, a company that focuses its business on extracting, cultivating, manufacturing, selling, marketing and distributing cannabis products to retail dispensaries in California. The company is set to report its fourth quarter and fiscal 2022 earnings, and investors may look to those results to make a more informed decision.

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