These cannabis podcasts shed light on the changing industry

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Marijuana fans can keep up on cannabis activity with these popular podcasts

Many talented marijuana aficionados grace streaming platforms with interesting podcasts to listen to. Their intrepid hosts cover everything from critical news and current events to gems of CEO advice and funny and heartbreaking realities of the cannabis industry as legalization moves forward globally. The cannabis industry is constantly changing, and there’s no better way to stay current than through some pretty interesting podcasts. 

Matthew Kind is the knowledgeable and unwavering host of CannaInsider. It’s the longest-running cannabis industry podcast, with over 100 episodes. Kind provides listeners with incredible, in-depth interviews from CEOs and founders in the cannabis space. CannaInsider offers product reviews on its website, which keeps techies informed on the latest in products and technology.

Weed + Grub appears on every cannabis podcast list because all cannabis consumers and business owners gain wisdom and joy from listening to the musings of Mike Glazer and Mary Jane Gibson. Glazer is a comedian who has been nominated for an Emmy Award for his work with Jon Stewart. He has appeared on Comedy Central and is the creator and host of a sell-out comedy show, Glazed in the Improv, and Venture’s 40 marijuana. 

Great Moments In Weed History is a good option too. Co-hosts Abdullah Saeed and David Bienenstock have a lighthearted and biting conversation. Saeed and Bienenstock, aka Bean, will regale you with unknown facts in marijuana history, legitimately roasting most of it. If you want things to be fun but don’t want to give up good quality information, check out this podcast.