These cannabis penny stocks are great options to buy before next year

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Several accessible cannabis stocks today may explode next year

Buying penny stocks in the marijuana industry still seems to be a wise choice. There is a chance that the stock is undervalued (since it is owned by smaller companies), which means there are more options for it to increase in price. In addition, experts say you can get exposure to a larger number of stocks at a relatively low price. In the cannabis sector, there are several viable options to start 2023 on the right foot.

Industry experts have highlighted some marijuana stocks with impressive gains and very attractive share prices for investors. One of these is High Tide, a leading marijuana retailer with a strong international presence. Due to its clear focus on unleashing CBD and THC brands, the company has managed to achieve a considerable boom over the past few months. The company’s revenue stream has been diversified through this process.

MariMed Inc also looks to have the potential to close 2022 on a high note. The small medical marijuana company continues to demonstrate advanced growth. While its market cap hovers around $176.4 million at the moment, it is laying the groundwork for up to $500 million in annual revenue. Its stellar sales growth story and solid operating structure make it an extremely attractive option at current market prices.

There is also OrganiGram Holdings, a leading cannabis supplier that has focused on both the recreational and medical markets. Its highly diverse portfolio has started to gain traction recently. As if that wasn’t enough, its expertise in inorganic expansion has helped grow the business significantly. It is certainly a bet to watch before the year comes to an end.