These cannabis penny stocks are great options for investors

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There’s no reason to think investing in the cannabis market requires having deep pockets

Penny stocks are all stocks that trade on the stock market at a price of less than $5, although it usually refers to companies with less than $1 a share. Just as a farmer plants thousands of seeds and only a few come to fruition, the penny stock investor is aware that many of his investments will not pay off. Therefore, the seed strategy is based on buying many different stocks, most of them worth zero. But in the end, some of these stocks will bear fruit and give extraordinary results. The marijuana industry has a few penny stocks that will undoubtedly be a solid crop.

One penny stock that could work well in an investment portfolio is State House Holding. The U.S. firm is recognized to be able one of the first to obtain a marijuana license. After opening two more locations, its total number of establishments in California and Oregon now stands at 13.

The California market began to see StateHouse expand its footprint last year, a trend that is expected to continue as time goes on. The Salinas growing facilities for StateHouse have expanded dramatically, paving the way for consistent year-round production and a growing capacity that has more than doubled.

On the other side is Lowell Farms, a company that focuses on the extraction, cultivation, manufacture, sale, distribution, and marketing of marijuana products to retail dispensaries in California. Having major operations in the Golden State is a great value point for many firms today.

The company has several clear focuses, which include developing creative production capabilities, artisanal cannabis cultivation, and an award-winning portfolio of licensed cannabis brands for marijuana consumers. The firm also has a licensing agreement with the well-known Ascend Wellness Holdings. They work hand-in-hand to offer the Lowell Smokes brand to dispensaries in Massachusetts and Illinois.