These cannabis penny stocks are good targets for all investors

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Investors looking for inexpensive cannabis stocks have several strong options

Penny stocks are a type of stock that trade at low prices, usually below $5 per share. They are usually traded over the counter (OTC) or on small exchanges, but can be extremely volatile and risky investments. Investing in penny stocks requires an understanding of their unique characteristics and the risks involved. While this reality is not far from the cannabis market, there are some penny stocks right now that seem to have incredible potential.

Not having a high budget is no longer an excuse to invest in cannabis stocks. MariMed, for example, offers penny stocks under $1. This company has expanded its marijuana business in several states through a relevant retail network.

Starting from cultivation, the company manages and builds state-licensed cannabis facilities. Their hard work has led to Betty’s Eddies, Nature’s Heritage, Bourne Baking Co. and Kalm Fusion being highly regarded and award-winning brands in the industry.

Another company that cannot be overlooked is California-based Lowell Farms. Artisanal cannabis cultivation, the development of large marijuana brand licenses and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques has seen this firm rapidly expanding its market share. Its licensing agreement with Ascend Wellness Holdings has seen the company provide the Lowell Smokes brand to dispensaries in Massachusetts and Illinois.

And finally, there is State House Holdings, recognized for being one of only six US companies to receive a cannabis license. The company now has more than a dozen sites in Oregon and California after adding two more outlets. Its Salinas cultivation facility has grown incredibly, paving the way for year-round production and more than doubling cultivation capacity.

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