These cannabis lounges in Palm Springs should be on every travel map

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The city offers a number of reasons to visit, and cannabis lounges are among the top choices

There are a million reasons to be in Palm Springs: film, art, music festivals, conventions, and golf tournaments. Easily accessible from Los Angeles or San Diego, it provides access to a seemingly endless variety of outdoor experiences. Palm Springs is more like a small town than a city, making it one of the best ways to experience its culture. Part of it is being plagued by cannabis, making it quite an interesting area for lovers of the plant.

Palm Springs has been a tourist center since 1920, attracting celebrities like Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, and many other legends who built homes in the area. This attraction is still a reality for many who want to explore high-quality cannabis lounges and dispensaries. Coachella Valley Green Dragon is one of those not-to-be-missed options.

Located downtown, the approximately 1,900-square-foot space has the distinction of being the first consumer lounge to receive the go-ahead. Recognizing the area’s bounty of mid-century modern architecture makes it a complete rarity among the city’s licensed smoking venues.

Four Twenty Bank is another destination that has to be on Hollywood’s Desert Playground visitors’ list. Before the two-story building became vacant, it housed the office of First Interstate Bank, hence the name.

On April 20, 2021, the grand opening of this spacious dispensary was held, providing a concert hall and a drinking lounge for those looking to have a good time. One of its main attractions is the bank vault which was redesigned to be an arcade equipped with pinball machines and video games.

And if you want to visit a dispensary with fine finishes and great service, The Vault Dispensary Lounge is the right answer. Located a few miles from downtown, it’s a trip truly worth the drive. Activities at the dispensary and lounge include live music, drag shows, and gatherings of people to watch various sporting events—definitely the perfect plan for an active, cannabis-filled weekend.

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