These cannabis gifts for Valentine’s Day will make anyone happy

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Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and it’s not too late to surprise your loved one with cannabis

Valentine’s Day is a special day to show your partner how much you love her/him, so a gift is never too much. Bouquets of roses, chocolates, cosmetics, or dinner are usually the most common gifts and with which you will surely please, but it’s time to dare to more, give a special touch to the traditional, and surprise your better half. In this context, it refers to a cannabis gift. If you like the idea but you still don’t know what to give, there is no need to worry because there are some pretty good options.

In the field of cosmetics, the market is very extensive and you can get from cannabis-scented perfumes to topical solutions for the skin. Evaluate what your partner likes best. If she usually uses skin products, give her one infused with cannabidiol (CBD). This compound has made its way into the cosmetic world, so you’ll find several options for all skin types.

There are also cannabis-based lubricants, ready for Valentine’s night out. Many of these lubes are made with coconut oil and premium cannabis extract; essentially giving your partner the ability to enjoy marijuana from the inside out. In fact, many companies that produce these products claim that this product can enhance the female orgasm.

Cannabis candles are a great way to add romance to the evening. Depending on where you are, you will have access to different types of cannabis candles. Some come mixed with marijuana essence to stimulate the tiny hairs in your partner’s nostrils. Other candles contain cannabis oil inside and are made from coconut oil. That means that once it all starts to melt, you can use the melted oil as a massage oil.

Floral arrangements are usually very common on February 14, but you can be more original. Go outside the traditional bouquet and include some cannabis buds. There are purple, deep green, and yellow varieties that can contrast with the color of other flowers and your partner will surely love them.

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