These cannabis documentaries shed the best light on the history of marijuana

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Keep up with what is driving the interest behind cannabis legalization with these educational films

The rise of documentaries on the new streaming platforms has reached all sectors, and cannabis has been no exception. The exponential growth of the marijuana industry brings with it a strong demand for any type of information that revolves around this much-appreciated plant. Now that cannabis legalization is part of the political agenda in many states across the country and the market is on the rise, documentaries are a great tool to explore and learn a little more about the world of marijuana.

The Culture High is a great place to start. With so much political turmoil that cannabis legislation is having in many countries in Europe, North America, and Latin America, this is a recommended documentary to soak up the history of marijuana prohibition in North America and the war on drugs.

This documentary includes the views of both supporters and opponents of cannabis legalization. You will be able to see interviews with personalities such as Ronald Reagan, Snoop Dog, Richard Branson, or Wiz Khalifa, (considered activists), as well as doctors, dealers, or policemen, which allows you to have a vision of both positions.

Weed the People is a documentary about marijuana, which talks specifically about its medicinal benefits. It takes a particularly hard-hitting approach as it emphasizes studies that show how its oil can help in curing childhood cancer.

They tell how, when experimenting with alternative therapies, they came across cannabis oil and how they discovered its anti-tumor effects and qualities. If you want to find out more about this aspect, learn about the importance of their research, and the struggle for a government to facilitate access to it, this is the right documentary.

Grass is Greener is a Netflix-exclusive marijuana documentary. If you want to know more about the world of cannabis and its relationship with the US, you will enjoy this documentary that has the participation, again, of Snoop Dog, Damian Marley, and B-Real of Cypress Hill. Here you will understand a little of the connection between marijuana and jazz musicians, pop culture and racial injustices in America.