These cannabis dispensaries in Syracuse are top spots to check out

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Taking a trip to Syracuse, New York, isn’t complete without visiting these stores

If you like to get into the heart of small towns, maybe you can take a tour of one of them: Syracuse in New York State. This typical American inland town, whose main “attraction” until now was the birthplace of actor and devout Scientologist Tom Cruise, has added a few months ago other places of interest. Cannabis dispensaries in this city have high standards and customer service to match. They certainly cannot be overlooked.

One of the first you should visit is the MedMen dispensary. This brand is known for developing the best and most eye-catching cannabis stores around the country, stealing the show for those looking for excellent quality. In addition, their good customer service makes it almost impossible for this dispensary not to be on the agenda of New York enthusiasts.

If, on the other hand, you are one of those who agreed with the state’s social equity program, you may want to give Etain Health a try. This all-female, family-owned company is focused on quality products that stand out from the competition.

The business was born out of the need to highlight all that marijuana has to offer and bring that wellness to as many people as possible. The best part is that the company grows its own strains.

Vireo Health of New York, located near Johnson City and Binghamton, is a medical cannabis dispensary that focuses on providing the most exceptional products and customer service in the area. The friendly and helpful staff is ready to guide you through their selection of medical cannabis products making the shopping experience unique and unparalleled.

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