These cannabis dispensaries in Portland, OR, are worth a trip

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Visiting these cannabis shops will make a journey to Portland worthwhile

Over the past few years, Portland, OR, has become one of the most culturally attractive places for the cannabis enthusiast community. When it comes to progressive reform of this plant, there is no question that Oregon has become an OG. According to a count earlier this year by the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission, there were more than 750 active cannabis retailers. This number, which is likely to grow over time, indicates that there are a large number of high-quality dispensaries in the city that have good reviews from the most elite consumers.

Formerly known as Green Hop, Green Muse is highly regarded for becoming the city’s first and only hip-hop-themed dispensary. Vernon, the historically black neighborhood, seems to have been the strategic location to establish this business that has deep community roots, as evidenced by its tribute to One Stop Music, now closed. Lining the shelves, the classic albums of this genre provide a unique style for those who love both music and cannabis.

Somewhere is definitely a whimsically named nursery and dispensary offering a selected menu of cannabis products. Shoppers can also purchase a collection of lush indoor plants. Products are carefully spaced throughout the store, as the intention is for customers to read labels, compare items and investigate packaging.

And finally, there is Green Goddess Remedies, located on the residential strip of Taylors Ferry. This dispensary offers a welcoming shopping experience. The store, owned by Sally Bishop, is a respite for the Ashcreek neighborhood and an example of a small business success story. It was created as a home-based store with obvious values and seemingly satisfied employees.

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