These cannabis apps allow enthusiasts to know what’s going on in the industry

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Cannabis fans have a lot of options to keep up with the changing ecosystem

Apps can improve various aspects of everyday life. Now developers have created apps to improve everything related to the cannabis experience, from how to optimize your grow to how to find your favorite strains. Today there are essential cannabis apps that definitely no enthusiast should miss.

Weedmaps is a cannabis consumer’s best friend. This truly sophisticated app was created to help cannabis users find dispensaries and other retail outlets. The app works on an international scale and can be used to find the best dispensaries in California, and the most popular cannabis clubs in Barcelona, Spain, for example. The app uses a Google Maps style of navigation that pinpoints all dispensary locations within your area and further afield.

Leafly is a platform that provides detailed information on almost every cannabis strain out there. Just enter the strain you have questions about in the search box to find out everything there is to know.

These pages provide a summary of information about the strain’s lineage and place of origin, among many other important characteristics. The information provided also goes into detail about the cannabinoid values contained in the strain and what effects they produce, documenting the characteristics for both recreational and medicinal use.

Major technological advances have allowed many industries to automate their processes, meaning that tasks that once required hours of work now only require the click of a button. The cannabis industry has also embraced this technology, and now with apps like Growtronix, cannabis consumers can implement it in their own homes. The app is designed to work with multiple devices that allow for complete automation of every aspect of the cultivation process.

Growtronix also provides comprehensive statistical data on a regular basis about your grow operation, presenting information in the form of graphs and charts. The application also provides analytics, such as costs derived from electronics, images, and videos over a period of time.

Eaze is a cannabis delivery app much like the Uber and Lyft formats. The company works as an intermediary between cannabis dispensaries and customers, quickly delivering cannabis extracts, flowers, edibles and straight to your doorstep. Any cannabis product you can imagine is just a click away. Browse dispensary menus, find what you’re in the mood for, and wait on your couch until your order arrives.

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