These are today’s cannabis influencers all enthusiasts should know

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Keeping up with the changing cannabis space is easier by following these social media personalities

Marijuana is a controversial topic that is always on everyone’s lips. And the cannabis community does not stop growing, hence its influencers and important figures for the community. Marijuana celebrities and influencers have to be very careful about what they publish and how they publish it, as they may suffer penalties from the platforms. Several accounts and companies have already seen their profiles disappear overnight. Although, leaving that aside, it cannot be hidden that there are some influencers that are enormously recognized and that, through their social media platforms, have made great movements in the industry.

One of them has undoubtedly been Snoop Dogg. There are many celebrities known for their relationships with cannabis, but no one like the great Snoop Dogg. Very active on social networks, many have seen him smoking joints super calm in interviews or sharing publications about events and events related to marijuana—quite a character with more than 70 million followers on Instagram.

Jorge Cervantes is quite the cannabis legend. Cervantes and his book Cannabis Encyclopedia are referents when it comes to marijuana cultivation, winning several awards and distinctions. So without a doubt, he is a person who knows what he is talking about.

If, on the other hand, you want to find out more about medical marijuana and CBD, and in particular, learn how to use it in a thousand and one ways in the kitchen, Jamie Evans’ content will surely be very useful and interesting. His account can turn anyone into a cannabis culinary expert.

Dabbing Granny has become a sensation for all those who like to see a smoking granny. This grandma influencer is a total fan of dabbing, and she does it amazingly. She considers herself an artist, and her content is based on pictures with some of the weirdest rigs for consuming dabs. If you’re a fan of concentrates, too, follow her without hesitation.

Considered by many (and even by himself), the father of the legal cannabis sector, Steve DeAngelo, is a character full of charisma and personality. His content is based on different cannabis-related issues but mostly focused on the activist side of cannabis. His flamboyance and boldness are undoubtedly part of his way of being and spreading the word.