These are the top jobs in the cannabis space

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The cannabis industry has a lot of job opportunities for those looking for new careers

Working in the marijuana industry is becoming more and more of a privilege, not only because of its growth, but also because there are many positions that seem to be quite interesting. If one of your future projects is to start boosting your career in this industry, there are definitely jobs that could catch your attention, and they are especially for those who are just looking to gain experience in the market.

Today, the marijuana industry has opened up thousands of job opportunities that are paying well, such as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). A highly qualified position, especially for someone who has the experience to handle the financial planning of the cannabis company. Based on the growth that leads to millions of dollars in profits, there is a need for people who can be able to handle the issue and who are smart enough to implement investment strategies and evaluate cash flow.

If you have a passion for all things related to plant production, being a crop manager may be a position that is right for you. This person is in charge of directing everything related to the cultivation of the company, which is basically where it all starts and is the foundation of the company. Experience in horticulture and managing a greenhouse is necessary, but it is certainly a high-paying position.

It is well known that cannabis dispensaries are becoming a trend, so being the manager of one of these stores is an option that continues to grow. Here, you would be in charge of training, hiring, and even firing employees if necessary. It is a position that fits more to the type of person who likes administrative tasks, at the same time that has a facility to interact with customers and have sufficient knowledge of the products.