These are the top cannabis penny stocks as September starts to wind down

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Investing in cannabis without a lot of risks is a great way to get started

Many investors are taking advantage of the market downturn in the second half of September to look for the best cannabis stocks to buy. Most have found an ideal answer in trading marijuana penny stocks. While these companies are notorious for their high levels of volatility in the current market environment, they may be able to produce significant gains for investors in the short term. Given that the market is bracing for a potential downturn this week, investors may get an additional opportunity to buy premium marijuana stocks at reduced trading prices.

IM Cannabis is one of the companies that have fallen this month as the fourth week kicks off. While that seems like a negative, it’s actually one more door opening for strategic investors. The company has operations in Canada, Germany and Israel, in addition to having a leading position in the global medical and recreational cannabis industry. The company claims that its IMC brand has given Israel the ability to reach an important milestone in the medical cannabis market.

Another company that is showing strong profits due to its low stock valuation is Clever Leaves Holdings. The company operates in numerous countries, from Colombia to Portugal, and focuses on the cultivation, extraction, manufacture and distribution of marijuana. By utilizing high-quality, certified production processes, Clever Leaves seeks to radically disrupt the cannabis manufacturing sector as it is currently operating.

And finally, there is Village Farms International, a company established in the North American market. Together with its subsidiaries, the company operates several businesses in Canada and the US related to cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD). Pure Sunfarms, specifically, is the wholly owned subsidiary that has the most recognition in the cannabis industry in both countries. This company has a delta-2 greenhouse licensed for cannabis production, doubling its production capacity.

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