These are the best cannabis targets for investors as September comes to a close

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Three cannabis companies are hot targets for investors looking for solid stocks

The major marijuana companies may be facing a number of potential boosts for further development. Before the year is out, several cannabis reform bills are likely to be considered in Congress and that is always good for the industry. Should positive results be evidenced, it could serve as a catalyst for the major marijuana stocks that have established their businesses around the country. Many experts believe that Canadian cannabis could be one of the first sectors of the marijuana industry to benefit from any boost, so taking a look at Canadian-based stocks could be a smart idea.

Tilray is definitely first in line for that run. The global cannabis industry leader operates in several countries, with the US standing out as one of its strongest markets. Through several subsidiaries in the country, the company is preparing to enter the US market fully once marijuana is legalized at the federal level, if it happens.

Another company to consider is Cronos Group, known as one of the largest marijuana distributors globally, with operations on five continents. In Canada, it is virtually impossible to see negative consumer reviews of its brands. Surveys suggest that adults love its products, which makes sales projections much higher.

And then there is the Canadian company OrganiGram, known for its high-quality marijuana-based products. Its products are ideal for consumers seeking recreational and/or medical purposes. It should be noted that Organigram is expanding its most important international contacts to consolidate its position in the global cannabis sector.