These are the best cannabis dispensaries to visit in Oregon

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A visit to Oregon isn’t complete without taking time to check out these cannabis shops

Over the past few years, Oregon has become one of the most culturally attractive states for the cannabis enthusiast community. When it comes to progressive reform of this plant, there is no question that Oregon has become an OG. According to a count earlier this year by the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission, there were more than 750 active cannabis retailers. This number, which is likely to grow over time, indicates that there are a large number of high-quality dispensaries that have good reviews from the most elite consumers.

True to its name, High Quality is nothing more than a retailer focused on providing excellent products to consumers in the medical and recreational market. Located in the west-central Beaver State, this dispensary operates on the credo of measuring its success “not in dollars earned, but in the number of lives we have helped improve.” Its menu of nearly 300 products has earned it a place among the most recognized dispensaries in the region.

Treasure Valley Cannabis Company is another top-tier retail dispensary located on the eastern edge of the Oregon state line. The store has big plans for the future, including an effort to incorporate a vertically integrated solvent-free hash lab and cultivation space for its operations. The dispensary is also constantly working to have a greater connection to the community through arts-focused programs.

And finally, there is Doctor’s Orders, strategically located near PDX airport. This dispensary opens its doors to consumers on both the recreational and medicinal sides. The friendly vibe and competitive prices of this top-notch dispensary are part of the reason why many cannabis lovers rank it as one of the best in all of Portland.

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