These are some of the top cannabis stocks to consider ahead of the second quarter

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The marijuana stock market continues to gain ground, and this year will see more growth

The first quarter of the year seems to be going too fast, and the investment opportunities in the cannabis industry are still quite clear. There are some highly profitable companies that many experts expect to see a lot of attention. Already 46 states across the country have given the go-ahead to this market in one form or another. This opens a myriad of doors for companies to continue to grow and for their investors to line their pockets.

Cansortium may not be a household name, but it certainly seems to have strong potential. The vertically integrated company based in Miami, FL, is dedicated to the sale of medical cannabis. Through the Fluent brand house, the company aims for high customer satisfaction. BLACK Line, MOODS, Fluent Care and Flower, Freedom Town Holdings are some of the most recognized brands.

AFC Gamma also has a strong relationship with the industry. The West Palm Beach, FL-based company is a provider of high-yield institutional loans to healthy cannabis entities. It focuses especially on businesses involved in the production, cultivation, processing, and distribution stages of the value chain.

Cresco Labs is one of the safest options at this time due to its expansion scheduled for this year. This multi-state cannabis operator (MSO) has more than 58 licenses in seven states. Cresco announced the acquisition of rival Columbia Care for $2.1 billion in March 2022, a transaction that could be completed by the middle of this year. Once completed, its portfolio of products and dispensaries will be huge, so an investment at this time seems to be quite wise.