These are some of the most affordable places cannabis enthusiasts can visit

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Cannabis fans have a lot of places to pin on their travel maps

While several studies have indicated that cannabis vacations are aimed at high-end users, that doesn’t mean there aren’t places that visitors can choose as their destination and save a good amount of money. It’s no secret that the tourism landscape is reshaping its image as more and more states give free reign to the recreational use of marijuana. Experts assure that there are ideal and not-so-expensive places to go to celebrate the following holidays accompanied by marijuana.

According to the research of several travelers around the country, the most cost-effective destinations for a cannabis vacation are Oakland, CA, and Spokane, WA. There, a tourist can enjoy a four-day getaway for $1,068 and $1,135, respectively. Vacations in both cities are claimed to be more than 22% cheaper than the national average cost of $1,262.

When it comes to cannabis vacations in general, tourists can find the best experience in Denver. There, there are 19 guided cannabis-themed bus tours. The Mile High City also boasts 64 licensed dispensaries per 100,000 residents, providing a wealth of options for getting every consumer’s favorite products.

Portland, ME, and Henderson, NV, ranked among the top ten destinations for great cannabis vacations. Part of that is due to a large number of weed-friendly stays relative to their population size. Portland, OR, was no slouch either. There are at least nine guided cannabis bus tours and tourists are able to purchase a quarter ounce of marijuana for nearly $50 on average.

The cost of a cannabis vacation is noticeably cheaper in western states like Colorado, California and Washington. This is likely due to the fact that adult-use marijuana has been legal for many years and has caused the markets to balance their prices in a way that benefits the consumer.