These are some of the best cannabis-friendly spots to visit this summer

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It’s time to start planning the summer trip, with several marijuana destinations on the map

Cannabis has been used by mankind for several centuries, but, despite the many benefits offered by the plant, it is still illegal in much of the world. However, every year the list of places on the planet where you can enjoy marijuana safely and completely grows. With summer already arriving, many cannabis enthusiasts are looking for a place to relax without having to worry about getting their ears pulled because of cannabis.

When fantasizing about your next vacation or thinking about moving to a new place, it’s important to keep in mind where marijuana is welcome, especially if you use it regularly. On the West Coast, there seem to be a plethora of places where there are a plethora of cannabis-friendly places and activities. Cannabis-specific B&B booking sites such as Bud and Breakfast and are especially for those tourists looking for 4/20-friendly accommodations.

Oregon is a state in the country known for its positive attitude toward cannabis use. Cannabis can be found virtually anywhere in the state, but Portland is certainly a hot spot for dedicated enthusiasts. The city has more than 130 dispensaries and 32 headshops. All of them are ready to welcome you with the best possible attention and give you an unparalleled experience.

The Aloha State is often characterized by its laid-back, vacationing nature, so it should come as no surprise that Hawaii is also quite friendly to cannabis users. Hawaii is the birthplace of the notorious Maui Waui strain and continues to have a strong hold on cannabis culture, even having a THC Ministry Church on the island of Maui.

And if the idea is to get out of the country, the Netherlands is an ideal option. It is the birthplace of the marijuana party. Its consumption is only decriminalized; that is to say, it is allowed.

You can buy and smoke up to five grams of marijuana in a coffee shop. You will not have a problem unless you disturb public order or smoke where you are not allowed. Besides Amsterdam, there are many places to smoke marijuana. There are also a lot of cultures, history and coffee shops in Rotterdam, Leiden, Maastricht and Breda.