These are probably the best gifts to give a picky cannabis enthusiast

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Get ready to impress the cannabis lovers in your circle with these unique gifts

Christmas is practically just around the corner, those dates when you can’t stop thinking about gifts. If by any chance, your loved ones are cannabis lovers, you could consider buying them something accordingly. It doesn’t matter if they are too picky with gifts; the gift industry for cannabis lovers is quite extensive and luxurious, just right to satisfy the needs of any cannabis lover.

You may have already heard of the Køl 2.0 Pipe, a completely minimalist Danish-designed device launched exactly one year ago. This flagship product from the brand Høj (the Danish word for “high”) is a streamlined matte black aluminum and pipe about six inches long. Both parts are held together by magnets and, when pulled apart, reveal the pipe’s magical innards; a textured surface and a vortex shape.

Goldleaf has released a botanical illustration art print inspired by the cannabis plant. Its design depicts a female cannabis plant in the retro style of those hand-drawn botanical illustrations from years ago. However, this version is modern in that it uses Nathan’s ink and is based on a pen illustration on thick matte archival paper.

To avoid carrying your cannabis gear lost in your pockets, an elegant wallet is the best solution. A concentrate storage case from Apothecarry is especially for this purpose. These humidor-like safes with elegantly decorated interiors are essential to help keep herbal jars fresh, safe and organized.

And finally, you can visit the items that Seth Rogen’s Houseplant has to offer. A favorite is the ashtray set, a three-piece set designed by budding potter Rogen to suit his style of cannabis consumption. It is the essential product for any luxury cannabis lover’s home.