These are perhaps the top marijuana flicks to watch with friends

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A number of marijuana movies over the years stand out as the best for sharing with friends

The relationship of cannabis with the film industry has not ceased to be of great importance for all those enthusiasts who seek to relax by smoking marijuana while enjoying a good movie. There are several perfect scenes that can be combined with the consumption of this plant, especially if you are surrounded by friends who share the same feeling.

One of the first ones that should be on your list is Pineapple Express. This fun classic joint stars two marijuana-loving friends, Seth Rogan and James Franco. The story is about a mythical marijuana strain, the “Pineapple Express,” famous for its super-fast climbing high and pineapple flavor. The delirious plot has made this movie popular for many years. As usual, marijuana lovers will probably find it much funnier than the general public.

Super High Me is another good choice to share with friends. It can also be defined as a docu-film as it narrates the firsthand experience of Doug Benson, a comedian and cannabis addict firmly determined to discover its true effects on the human body and mind. The aim of the film is undoubtedly to open a debate and bring to life new and stimulating food for thought on the use of medical cannabis.

If comedy is your thing, Oliver, Stoned, is an excellent recommendation. Oliver used to smoke all kinds of drugs, cannabis, and hashish. First, distracted by the buzz, he is robbed of a car entrusted to him by a client. He then decides to follow the thief’s trail in the company of Megan, a young woman whose scooter he had previously destroyed. Lots of laughs for light and undemanding film.