These are great travel targets for cannabis lovers visiting Colorado

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There are plenty of sites to check out in Colorado if you’re a cannabis fan

Although some tourism agencies say the legalization of recreational marijuana has not affected Colorado’s tourism scene, experts in the field of cannabis tourism say otherwise. Surveys have found that marijuana laws influenced the vacation decisions of nearly 50% of Colorado visitors surveyed. And since legalization, Colorado tourism has seen record years. If you want to be part of that trend, the Centennial State offers several options you can’t miss.

If your perfect Saturday includes smoking marihuana, great conversation, and relaxing sightseeing, consider Stoney from Colorado Highlife Saturday Tour. Your cannabis guide will take you to Illuzion Glass Galleries, a prominent Denver store specializing in marijuana hand pipes, water pipes, and accessories. No Saturday would be complete without a tour of a high-quality Colorado grow facility and dispensaries.

Another great place to enjoy the benefits of smoking marijuana is Fort Collins. This city has a long history of supporting cannabis use. Currently, the region has a large number of recreational stores and dispensaries that make a wide variety of high-end products available to you. You have the option of choosing certain public parks where smoking a little smoke is legal.

If Colorado’s outdoor lifestyle is your jam, check out the array of tours led by High Urban Hikers. High Urban Hikers puts a marijuana-friendly spin on your traditional city tour. You’ll get a taste of Denver’s culture, food, art, and history while being led by a local guide who knows the city inside out.

And finally, you can visit Aspen. While the city is known for its ski resorts, it is considered one of the best places in the country to go to smoke marijuana. Consuming cannabis in Aspen is perfectly legal due to its liberal attitude towards the plant. The quality of the cannabis here is one of the best in the country because its climate is ideal, and growers take advantage of that to generate strains of another level.