These are great long-term cannabis stock targets rolling into the fourth quarter

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The year is beginning to draw to a close, with cannabis stocks still offering solid value

October, November, and December make up the last quarter of the year, and investors in the cannabis industry are taking advantage of the period that has just begun to set their sights on the stocks with the greatest potential. Cannabis REITs and ancillaries have been a solid bet as they have been among the top-performing marijuana stocks over the past few years.

Finding a way to close 2022 with a solid portfolio is, without a doubt, one of the clear objectives of many investors. Given investors’ outstanding returns over the past five years, some may be gearing up for another run.

A clear example can be seen in Power REIT, a firm whose primary objective is to be a real estate investment trust that places a premium on long-term investments with better risk-adjusted returns. Power REIT owns a portfolio of CEA buildings that simply won’t stop growing.

It has been including more greenhouses and processing centers essential to the cannabis industry. Proceeds from the leases are used to complete necessary upgrades to assets that are ready for development.

On the other side is AFC Gamma, a marijuana ancillary company that seems to have the potential to close 2022 on a high note. The company not only has effective management techniques but also has a healthy and solid cash flow.

Just over two years into operations, the company has focused on the principles of supply and demand, as well as real estate and other forms of collateral.

With the cannabis industry growing rapidly, it has become the focus of AFC Gamma’s most recent business activities. In fact, the company cleared a $100-million option as well as a $250 million credit enhancement with Verano Holdings Corp.