There’s a positive relationship between cannabis and yoga

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Adding cannabis to a yoga routine could help improve the experience

“Cannabis yoga,” “Cannayoga” or “ganja yoga” are expressions that have recently become fashionable. In places where marijuana is legal, new-age yogis are combining cannabis with the practice of yoga, claiming it can help their students better connect with their body, mind and spirit. History suggests that cannabis plants have grown naturally for thousands of years on the hillsides of regions in present-day Pakistan, Nepal, Kazakhstan and India, where they played a key role in religion and spirituality.

Cannabis and yoga are like vacations and sunshine, or the weekend and not setting the alarm clock. Each is fine separately, but together they are truly pleasurable. Yoga is a physical and spiritual practice that can increase flexibility, improve energy, breathing and increase muscle tone and strength. As more consumers begin to use cannabidiol (CBD) products, many have looked into how CBD can help improve yoga practice.

Talking about the benefits of yoga is like talking about how important good nutrition is to the proper functioning of the body. The calming and relaxing effects of CBD may help some people unwind, better control their breathing, and connect with their body and inner self. It is clear to say that cannabis compounds could enhance your senses, which could intensify the practice of yoga and make the experience more enjoyable.

It is normal for some people to feel nervous before or during a yoga session, especially if it is their first time. Cannabis could be a natural way to remove that inhibition. CBD can play an equally important role in this area. Many users report feeling more focused and willing when they take the plant compound.