There’s a lot of change coming to state-level cannabis legislation in 2023

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Several states will redefine their marijuana laws next year

The fact that states can make their own decisions on marijuana-related issues has meant that laws in different parts of the country have moved toward legalization. These laws are constantly changing and are complex, but they have undoubtedly marked a before and after with respect to how the plant is viewed. More and more Americans are supporting federal reform, something that perhaps many would not have imagined a couple of decades ago. By 2023 many more changes are expected at the state level, which will be a boost for the cannabis industry in general.

While cannabis remains prohibited in the eyes of the federal framework, President Joe Biden has urged a re-examination of the way the plant is classified. Federal decriminalization of marijuana remains stalled, but even if that were to happen, cannabis regulation would still be largely governed by state and municipal laws.

Just under half the country already allows recreational cannabis use today. When it comes to the medical market, around 40 jurisdictions have already welcomed it. It is important to note that programs vary from state to state, and the medical purposes used for marijuana are not always the same. For example, the amount of THC allowed may be different depending on the state you are in.

Be that as it may, there is still a trend that shows that more and more states are giving the green light to this plant. The two most recent to open the doors to the recreational market are Maryland and Missouri. Through the midterm elections, voters approved this type of consumption, and it is possible that similar moves will continue to be a reality throughout 2023.

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