There’s a curious fact about how Oklahomans’ take on cannabis

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A survey reveals what interests the Oklahoma population the most

Many people today find great interest in exploring cannabidiol (CBD), and according to a recent study, this is especially true among Oklahomans. Being curious about the benefits of cannabis and its star component is no longer something new and this is due to the different studies that have shown what they are capable of for human health. However, medical cannabis experts at Leafwell analyzed the market through a study and determined that Sooner State is the most obsessed with CBD in the US.

In order to reach these conclusions, the experts analyzed in detail Google Trends data of search terms frequently used by people interested in learning more about CBD. The terms are then combined to give each state an overall search score. By having clear and concise numbers, it can be determined which state has been most interested in CBD over the past year. Oklahoma was the ultimate winner.

Leafwell, at the conclusion of the examination, saw that Oklahoma is the number one state in the entire country when it comes to CBD research. Oklahoma, after obtaining a total search score of 562, topped the list of its population with the highest search levels. Phrases like “CBD,” “cannabis,” “medical marijuana,” “CBD oil,” “buy CBD” and more are apparently in the web history of many people in this state.

The state to come closest was Vermont, with a score of 539. Third place on the podium was taken by New Mexico, with a score pretty close to 533. The various benefits that have been discovered in CBD have undoubtedly led a lot of the American population to want to know what it is all about and this has led them to turn to the internet for more information.

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