There’s a cannabis stock under $1 that’s worth a look

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Cannabis retailer Fire & Flower Holdings is ready to take the cannabis space by storm

When considering stock investments, there are always a lot of elements that need to be explored. Market volatility, the company’s platform and progress, current price, leadership and more. However, sometimes an alternative pops up that is simply worth considering at face value. In this case, face value is $1, and the target is Fire & Flower Holdings. The retail cannabis newcomer has a lot going for it, but there’s one detail that stands out above all the rest. It is now tied to the large convenience store chain Circle K.

Fire & Flower and Alimentation Couche-Tard, which is behind the Circle K stores in Alberta, have entered into an agreement that will see the cannabis company occupying space at all the stores. This has the potential to be a huge deal, given the amount of foot traffic the convenience stores see and the continued push for expanded cannabis retail sales across all of Canada. Plus, at less than $1, investors don’t have much of a risk making the plunge.

Fire & Flower’s market cap sits at around $103 million, making it one of the better microcap options out there. On a price-to-sale basis, the price has strong upside potential with little risk, and the chance of greater returns than offered by most penny stocks is extremely solid. In addition, if the new partnership goes well, Couche has deep pockets necessary to propose a buy-out, which would give investors an even bigger reason to celebrate.