There are six types of cannabis consumers, according to Euromonitor International

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All cannabis users fall into one of six categories based on their consumption

Consuming cannabis can be a totally generic issue for many, where it is thought that it is simply a matter of lighting up a cigarette and that’s it. However, that theory is totally wrong, and Euromonitor International, the global market research company, has taken on the task of identifying the types of cannabis users that exist today. Through its book “Breaking the Stereotypes: Getting to Know the Cannabis Consumer,” Euromonitor has shared six archetypes of adult cannabis users that make up the legal consumer base that has been booming this year.

The first is the experienced consumer. As the name suggests, these are consumers who have been using cannabis for a long time, either for relaxation or to improve their well-being. According to the study, 64% of this population is in favor of recreational legalization, while the remaining percentage suffers from a high level of stress.

Then there are the social casual users. This is represented by a young and new population looking to take advantage of cannabis products to make them part of their daily lifestyle. A large portion of them are also in favor of recreational legalization.

On the other hand, there is the dabbler, who occasionally consume marijuana, but not enough to consider this plant as part of their lifestyle.

The Cannacurious is a group of consumers who show great interest in adult-use cannabis, but not enough knowledge about the products as such.

The fifth is called The Unsparked, as they are consumers who do not really have a positive outlook on cannabis consumption. Still, their uncertainty makes other people participate in this community as well.

And finally, there is the naysayer, who is in total disagreement with adult use. According to the study, only 8% support legalization and it is clear to say that this is not a target audience for producers and brand owners.