There are plenty of places to explore where cannabis is legal

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Cannabis travel offers a lot of great destinations, even as some drop off the map

Currently, cannabis consumption is restricted and criminalized in several parts of the world. However, this fact has not, by any means, discouraged the consumption of this plant. Fortunately, times have changed and there are more and more jurisdictions where cannabis has become legal. In fact, there are some tourist destinations where the authorities focus on what they should, and have no problem with people consuming marijuana as a form of tranquility and relaxation. That is, there are several countries around the globe where you can travel to consume cannabis without any problem.

Normally, the consumption of cannabis, for recreational purposes only, is illegal in Canada. However, it is true that local authorities tend to focus mainly on arresting traffickers and sometimes overlook the fact that some people consume marijuana. However, in Toronto, there are several places, such as clubs or bars, specially designed for the use of cannabis for medical users.

The use of cannabis in the Netherlands is known to the vast majority of travelers. For years, this nation has been referenced thanks to marijuana tourism, especially in its capital, Amsterdam, as it abounds with a large number of coffee shops or spaces where the cannabis environment is total. Although some of the last governments, both of the capital and of the country, have placed some restrictions on the purchase of cannabis, either for personal or medical use, the use of marijuana continues to be referential in this city.

Uruguay is known for being the first country to completely regulate the use of cannabis throughout the country. In this South American nation, not only the cultivation but also the sale of marijuana for both personal and medical use is allowed.

Although this law was passed more than two years ago, marijuana as such is not available for sale in either case. However, there is something in favor, as the possession or consumption of it is not punished. There are also several clubs around the city of Montevideo, where the members of each club agree to organize collective cultivation of cannabis in order to meet the demand of users.