There are five new hemp research projects going on right now

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Efforts to unravel the mysteries of cannabis and its health benefits continue to expand

In late February, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) presented data on the US hemp industry during the National Hemp Report 2022, noting that the industrial hemp sector was worth $824 million in 2021. Data such as this has led to increasing research focus on hemp production. It has grown so much that there are five new related programs in the pipeline.

The private-public partnership to promote science that supports a sustainable hemp industry, the Hemp Research Consortium, recently announced the first grants it has created to further research on this famous plant. The entity appears to have raised about $1,120,000, ready to be given to North Carolina State University, Cornell University, and the University of Kentucky.

These student centers bring together various experts to conduct projects related to production techniques, genetic research, and growing conditions. There is no doubt that the monetary support will now make it easier for the authors to accomplish their goals.

Dr. Jeffrey Rosichan, Director of Crops at the Food and Agricultural Research Foundation, is aware that hemp has been cultivated for centuries. However, humans have only had the potential to apply cutting-edge technology and science and breeding in the last five years. He added, “We now have the potential to expand our knowledge of hemp and its potential by leaps and bounds, and this pioneering research provides great opportunities for breakthroughs.”

Dr. David Suchoff, director of the Hemp Research Consortium, says these projects represent the first of many initiatives to address important issues, such as hemp’s agronomic challenges. As a result, he hopes that the industry as a whole can be accelerated, and better results can be evidenced in the years to come.