There are a few cannabis-infused restaurants worth a taste in Philadelphia

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A stop in Philly isn’t complete without a visit to at least one of these cannabis eateries

Now that marijuana will be legal in many parts of the US, restaurants and cafes continue to prepare to offer a menu of options made with cannabis. Dining trends are evolving every year and setting the tone nationwide. Many culinary experts believe that cannabis continues to find its way into more and more dishes, as is the case in Philadelphia, PA. Here there are several cannabis-infused restaurants that are simply not to be missed.

One Pennsylvania restaurant that specializes in health food now serves cannabis-infused CBD smoothies. Fuel is an award-winning restaurant with a menu that focuses on healthy foods like panini and rice bowls. For a while now, these smoothies have been the sensation. Fuel CBD shakes come in three different flavors: Berry Dream, Green Dream and Orange Dream.

In Philadelphia, Hip Hemp operates like a classic coffee shop. Both its cakes and types of drink preparations incorporate the hemp seed, which is present in the cannabis plant. This nugget is associated with various benefits for the digestive system. Chef Charles Webb’s recommendation is to try cannabis dishes gradually until you get a taste of them and begin to perceive their benefits.

And last but not least, Philly Restaurant Ardiente, a place where you are allowed to infuse any dish with CBD. This Asian Latin fusion restaurant is joining the national trend and can’t be left off the list of restaurants in Philly. This restaurant is delicious, personal, and fearless. It’s an ideal choice to try cannabis-infused dishes of great quality.

Cannabis-infused food excites the senses and offers unique flavors and culinary creations. Enjoy a visit to one of these marijuana-infused restaurants that offer delicious marijuana-inspired dishes.

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