Therapeutic benefits of CBD are helping rewrite policies

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As more is understood about cannabis, the more regulations are being positively influenced

Ever since the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp, and therefore cannabidiol (CBD), people and even health providers have turned to this resource as more than an alternative treatment. With all the therapeutic benefits attributed to CBD in recent years, even doctors are starting to prescribe this compound to treat several ailments. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is not blind to this situation, and it has declared that CBD can become a legitimate source of medical treatment for many.

The FDA is willing to consider going further with CBD, but, before that happens, it is in need of more data that proves the efficacy of CBD in patients. Therefore, the FDA is recommending researchers to perform clinical trials on a large scale. “As legislation expands rapidly worldwide, the volume of efficacy data is growing, as are legitimate clinical trial studies,” said the CEO of Ethnopharm, Liam McGreevy, “This data will enable us to better understand the effects of the various cannabinoids and terpenes, their synergistic effect and how their impact links to the individual’s genetics or biomarkers. This data is key to understanding the most effective combinations and strengths for various conditions, moving towards targeted personalized medicines.” Ethnopharm is a European cannabis company that specializes in genetics and distribution.

Even the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) is reshaping its policies to better assist the needs if a growing market. The USDA recently announced an update on its interim final rules process for hemp, all in response to the legitimate value the plant has been shown to offer.