The Weldon Project is helping the push for legalized cannabis in the US

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The non-profit is working overtime to achieve cannabis reform in the country

After seeing how the legal cannabis industry is climbing higher and higher in the US, surpassing the $17.5 million sales revenue recorded last year, many entities have wanted to do what is necessary for federal legalization to come as soon as possible. That being the case, however, there is still a problem to address when it comes to the criminalization that most black communities continue to face today. The non-profit cannabis justice organization The Weldon Project, through an initiative called Mission Green, wants these harms caused by the war on drugs to disappear sooner rather than later.

The Weldon Project wants to be able to urge President Biden to exonerate those in federal prison for past cannabis-related crimes. As part of this fight, it was announced that the founder of the organization, Weldon Angelos, has partnered with producer and rapper Russ in order to help rapper Terrell “Ralo” Davis. The latter received an eight-year prison sentence for a cannabis-related offense.

In fact, this is part of Mission Green’s strategy, to leverage high-profile connections, especially hip-hop singers and producers, to put pressure on US policymakers to enact cannabis justice reform as soon as possible. “This is part of a larger effort with the hip-hop community to promote a national cannabis clemency campaign,” says Angelos, a former music producer who has worked with artists such as Snoop Dogg and Tupac’s recording group.

Recent times have seen government decisions being made after a long struggle of lobbying, and Mission Green’s main goal is to not let its guard down and to make it clear that equity and social justice is a necessary commodity when it comes to a growing but disparate industry like cannabis.