The Weed Game Show in Massachusetts finds success once again

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The show was held this past weekend for its third running

Very rarely have you heard of a game in which contestants participate while high. The “Weed Game Show” arrives to bring a show of this category to life. The only game show where the contestants are higher than the points. Held last Saturday in Massachusetts, the show once again became a hit.

Before the game kicked off, the contestants had the opportunity to smoke some cannabis. That process of consumption held up for three rounds of trivia, art class, and joint rolling. Instead of points, contestants were rewarded with grams and whoever got the least amount in the final round would be considered exhausted.

Worcester experienced a great opportunity to receive the great honor of being declared the best cannabis connoisseur in the area. Dan Hall, a game show host and comedian, went through some trial and error before taking the courage to take the stage. Now, he is in charge of presenting this show in a very entertaining way.

“I probably bombed, but I don’t really remember,” Hall said, “I’m still here.” With several recognized stand-ups, “The Weed Game Show” has now become a recurring show for about two years at different venues around the Bay State.

Demetrius “Big D” Hullum and Jaime Lee Simmons have been local comedians who have been part of the show before. However, this was the first time the show experimented with a bar trivia format, allowing eager audience members to be part of the action.

“That’s been one of our biggest requests in the past,” said Hall of the decision to get attendees involved in the show, “When the audience comes, they ask if they’re playing, and I have to sadly tell them no.” Without a doubt, Worcester experienced one of the best competitions ever, as it has a very cannabis-infused community.

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