The University of Utah is getting a new cannabis research facility

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More colleges and universities are getting behind the push for the health benefits of marijuana

The University of Utah has been extremely interested in the benefits that cannabis has to offer. As a result, the educational institution is soon to become home to a new medical marijuana research center. More and more universities across the country are making moves like these, prioritizing science related to the plant.

According to a recent press release, the University of Utah confirmed that it is beginning the first phases of planning to bring to life a new project focused on cannabis research and its medicinal properties in humans. The Center for Medical Cannabis Research is made possible by the recent passage of House Bill 230. That measure was signed into law by Utah Governor Spencer Cox in the middle of this month.

Jennifer Dailey-Provost, the representative in charge of sponsoring the bill, said this recent passage will pave the way for expanding Utah’s ability to conduct research and provide scientifically backed information. Dailey-Provost spoke about the opening of a medical marijuana research center at the University of Kentucky in September 2022, taking the initiative as an example for Utah to follow. “I thought if Kentucky can do it … we can create one in Utah, too,” she said.

The lawmaker claims Beehive State previously was conducting and listening to research outside its boundaries, rather than conducting its own studies from within. That led many medical specialists to complain about not having enough information to recommend cannabis use as part of a comprehensive health care plan.

That will be changing, especially with the advent of the Center for Medical Cannabis Research at State University. The goal of this lab is to become a center that oversees all research being conducted in the state, as well as “identify gaps in patient accessibility and support researchers and go out and find land, do the work, talk to other states about the work that is being done.”