The University of Kentucky takes a leap forward in cannabis research

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The school is taking a lead in studying cannabis in the US

The University of Kentucky (UK) has a cannabis center whose plans include more extensive research and testing of the plant. This week, a professor from the education center briefed the Interim Joint Committee on Health, Welfare, and Family Services and revealed plans for research and trials to be conducted at the UK Cannabis Center. More and more entities are focusing on marijuana-related research.

Governor Andy Beshear signed a bill into law six months ago and paved the way for this research center to become a reality. Several key legislators took it upon themselves to support the legislation. A large majority of them had taken an opposing stance against a medical cannabis legalization bill, which stalled earlier this year.

Two days ago, Dr. Shanna Babalonis, director of the research center, unveiled a variety of planned, controlled studies to the committee. According to this report, one of the studies will involve collaboration with the Markey Cancer Center to evaluate the delivery of edible doses of marijuana to cancer patients. “This is going to be one of the first of its kind,” Babalonis said. “You would think that cancer and cannabis have been very well researched, but that’s not the case.”

The research center also has plans to conduct different studies to look at the plant’s effects on driving. According to local media. the researchers would also look to apply for a license to grow cannabis as part of a pilot program with the UK College of Agriculture.