The truth behind CBD and sex

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The cannabis compound can enhance intimacy and heighten sexual pleasure

Many people in these modern times lead hectic, deadline-oriented lives that, while not physically difficult to perform, can leave them so physically and mentally exhausted at the end of the day that about the last thing they want to deal with when they finally get home to relax is sex. While stress can often make the encounter less than satisfactory, cannabidiol (CBD) is helping make it better.

Most people require a transition period from one to the other. Hence, the cocktail hour was invented long, long ago. Today the bars and restaurants that we used to go to unwind are all shut down. Perhaps that is one good reason that, even under the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, when most businesses offering food and drink are shutting down and on the brink of going out of business altogether, the cannabis industry is booming.

CBD oils and other products are flying off the shelves and even Amazon has trouble keeping a good supply on hand for sale. The reasons are simple. Number one, of course, is that we are all in ‘lockdown’ these days. Cannabis and CDB products are things that we tend to do in the privacy of our own homes, so that works out well in all respects.

Cannabis and CBD may actually boost your energy and libido even functioning as an aphrodisiac and becoming a source of energy and enthusiasm in your sex life, and those who have already tried it have experienced the proof in person that marijuana and CBD can heighten sensations as well as enhance the entire sexual experience.