The top cannabis dispensaries and hotspots in Newport, OR

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Newport, OR not only has incredible landscape, it has some of the best dispensaries

Oregon has a number of cannabis-friendly spots, but few can compare to the coastal town of Newport. The selection of dispensaries, combined with the scenic views, makes it an idyllic location with a serious amount of charm. The west side of the town is flanked by the Pacific, complete with beachfront restaurants, nautical-themed souvenir shops, independent art galleries and small, cozy cafes. On the south end of town is the Historic Bayfront District that meets the Yaquina Bay and offers a wide variety of fresh seafood shops. Intermingled with the charm are several cannabis hotspots that are worth checking out.

The Oregon Bay Company offers views of the Yaquina Bay. Creating an ambiance that feels like the beach, it is one of the most popular dispensaries in the town.

Another dispensary with a spectacular ambiance is Medication Station. Not only is it known for its location, but also for the selection of ornamental indoor-grown flowers that are indicative of Oregon. It offers Newport’s most complete list of concentrates and alternative medical cannabis products, such as capsules and tinctures.

The Oregon Coast Dispensary makes visitors feel as if they’re in the middle of the ocean. A mural wraps the walls and is filled with sea creatures exploring a shipwreck. The locale offers unique and exclusive herbs that make it one of the most popular destinations for those with an affinity for flowers.

I & I is the perfect hangout to mingle with fellow budtenders. It is also the ideal place to find some of the highest quality flowers from smaller growers. I & I maintains a philosophy that concentrates more on quality and not so much on hype and brand recognition.

Regardless of the atmosphere sought, Newport has something for everyone.