The Supreme Court won’t hear case against DEA and its cannabis stance

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The high court doesn’t want to discuss the constitutionality of the agency’s cannabis position

The Supreme Court announced October 13 that it will not hear a case challenging the constitutionality of federal marijuana prohibition. A coalition of medical cannabis advocates, along with Alexis Bortell and Jose Belen, and former NFL player Marvin Washington, filed a lawsuit against the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in 2017. The case has slowly made its way up through the courts, but the supreme court justices declined to hear the case.

“While not surprising, as less than one percent of all petitions to the Supreme Court get a hearing, it is still very disappointing, as we been fighting for this case for over three years now,” said Sebastien Cotte, whose son Jagger was a plaintiff in the case. “However, we must not forget that this case has been groundbreaking on so many levels. Not only a did federal judge say on record that looking at Alexis, Jagger and Jose that it is undeniable that cannabis has medical properties, but we also believe that this case moved the needle closer to descheduling of cannabis by bringing extra awareness to the unfairness of the current classification of cannabis,” he said. “We are confident our case will help another case down the road achieve the ultimate goal, as everyone knows that it is not a question of if cannabis will be descheduled, but when.”

“Disappointed with the High Court’s decision not to hear the case of cannabis medical patients and address unjust and unconstitutional federal drug laws,” Oregon Representative Earl Blumenauer told Marijuana Moment after the Justices’ decision was announced. “As we continue the fight in the halls of Congress, it’s more important than ever that we pass the MORE Act, our bipartisan legislation to legalize marijuana and end the failed war on drugs that has hurt so many.”