The real cause of the recent vaping deaths

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It seems that cannabis isn’t the culprit behind a string of illnesses and at least two deaths

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recently issued a well-intentioned warning about avoiding blackmarket vaporizers. Several hundred people had become ill after using the devices, and at least two deaths were tentatively linked to them, as well. While marijuana adversaries were quick to jump on the news in support of their efforts to prevent further cannabis legalization, it now appears that the cannabis itself may not have had anything to do with the health scare.

Health officials across the country have been working diligently to get to the bottom of the issue and they believe that they have found a commonality that would explain the mysterious lung illnesses. While there was no common thread in where product was purchased or the brand that was consumed, a chemical found in samples has been identified as the source.

Investigators with the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) now believe that oil derived from vitamin E could have led to the health issues. The vitamin oil was found in samples of products that were collected from those that fell ill.

Health officials in New York found the same results. The New York State Health Commissioner stated yesterday, “Vitamin E acetate is not an approved additive for New York State Medical Marijuana Program-authorized vape samples and was not seen in the nicotine-based products that were tested. As a result, vitamin E acetate is now a key focus.”

Vitamin E is typically harmless and is found in many supplements and treatments. However, if inhaled, its molecular structure is such that it can lead to respiratory problems. Health officials are still looking into the issue further to better understand exactly how the vitamin may have led to the illnesses, but being able to identify the cause is a huge step forward in solving the puzzle.