The proper way novices should grind marijuana

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Follow simple tips as a marijuana newcomer to get the most out of the plant

A very common way to grind cannabis is by means of a grinder. Whether manual or electric, this device prepares the cannabis buds to be used in the production of cigarettes or other derivatives. If you are new to cannabis, you may have some questions about this whole process. Grinders can be purchased at almost any smoke store or you can order one online from a variety of retailers.

The process is based on breaking the cannabis flowers into smaller pieces so they can be rolled into joints more easily. Depending on the experience and/or preferences of the consumer, this can be done by means of a grinder or even by hand. The goal of this process is to create uniform pieces that will burn evenly when smoked.

Once the marijuana buds have dried, they harden. To smoke it, it is essential to grind it. The grinder is composed of two hollow parts that have inside them nails, spikes, or protuberances that sting the grass as they rotate.

Its operation is not at all complicated, simply separate the amount of cannabis that you are going to use to make the joint, place it inside one of the pieces of the grinder and start to rotate with both hands in opposite directions. There are grinders of many sizes and made of different materials, and some even simulate to be common ornaments.

There are some advantages to be gained from this process. First of all, the cannabis remains homogeneous; besides, it keeps the resin in the buds. You also get to enjoy the smoke more because your cannabis is crushed evenly, and you can get more out of your marijuana when it is well-cut.

An effective way to clean a grinder is to rub its parts with isopropyl alcohol and salt, as it removes the sticky feeling. Then, scrub each part with a small brush to clean off the fine cannabis debris.

It is important to consider that, if the grinder is not properly cleaned after each use, its useful life will be relegated to only a few months. This is because grinders tend to have sticky blades that stop working.