The only cannabis consumption lounge in Massachusetts provides a welcome getaway

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The private club in Worcester offers a unique experience for cannabis enthusiasts

In 2016, Massachusetts voters decided to breathe life into the recreational use of cannabis, including social consumption. While six years have passed since then, there are still no restaurants, coffee shops or any other facilities in the state where people can go to purchase their marijuana fix and consume it outside the home. The exception to the rule can be found in Worcester, the Bay State’s second-largest city.

Many may not know it, but a heart is used as the symbol of this city because Worcester is said to be the heart of the Commonwealth. Now, it can also be seen as the heart of Massachusetts when it comes to free cannabis consumption, as this is where the Summit Lounge was established.

This private membership club is specifically located at 116 Water St. in Worcester’s Canal District. It is currently considered the only marijuana lounge in the entire state and its permits were obtained through a series of loopholes in federal and state regulations. It is important to note that visitors must bring their own products as the location does not have a retail location inside.

While it remains a quiet part of the neighborhood known only to insiders, the club, which has been open for more than four years, already has a membership list of more than 15,000 people. “Cannabis is a social substance. It’s meant to make us connect with our fellows, and how can you have that without a space to consume it socially?” said Kyle Moon, who runs the lounge with family members. “In a sense, we’re a bar that doesn’t sell booze.”