The NFL’s reversal on cannabis shows the health benefits of the plant

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The NFL is relaxing its marijuana policies, acknowledging the plant’s health benefits

It appears that NFL players may now have a little more freedom with respect to the consumption of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main chemical found in cannabis. Since the drug testing program began, such a measure had never been opted for. Still, after the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) was successfully adopted, the push was made for this component not to be tested for in players and for them not to be penalized with harsh penalties for marijuana use.

This measure was actually put in place during last week’s 4/20 celebration and is expected to last until August 9, which is close to the players’ pro-season workouts. Players are not completely exempt from a respective THC test once preseason action begins; however, it has been made clear that, in the event of a positive test, the severity of the punishment will no longer be as harsh as it used to be in the past, which included suspensions. In case of a positive result, players could face a fine of up to three weeks’ pay.

According to the new stipulation, the range for positive marijuana has increased from 35 nanograms in a player’s system to 150 nanograms. Before any decision is made on a positive case during preseason training camps, a group of physicians will be responsible for analyzing the tests, after which a decision will be made as to whether the player requires treatment. Needless to say, the league has begun to reflect not only new reforms to legislation in many states but also public sentiment on how marijuana use should be viewed today. In addition to this, as is well known, the use of marijuana can help many athletes reduce certain aches and pains, and in a game like football, this may be more than necessary.