The NFL is paying for cannabis research to target pain relief

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The league is going to fund studies to explore pain management using cannabis and other alternatives

After learning almost worldwide that cannabis could be a great alternative to relieve pain in people, the National Football League (NFL) has decided to invest nearly $1 million to fund up to five studies for the respective analysis that would help their players relieve their pain through various alternatives, including this plant.

This news follows the league’s announcement yesterday of its call for research proposals. Both the NFL Players Association and the NFL had created a joint pain management committee two years ago to find better alternatives to opioids and provide better solutions to medical personnel and players when it comes to joint pain. It is no secret that a sport like this, having a lot of physical contacts, results in many injuries and it is of great urgency to have the best medications at hand to properly treat the players.

The medical director of the NFL, Dr. Allen Sills, has indicated that there are many ideas that seem to be quite promising and that there are different types of research that undoubtedly need the proper funding to find the necessary results. He added, “This is really not an NFL problem or a sports problem. This is a societal problem, which is how can we better understand and treat pain and what are the alternatives that may exist for treatment in addition to the opioids that have been used for a long time.”

Whether retired players or not, many have long touted the use of marijuana, implying that it is one of the best ways to control muscle discomfort, even better than the drugs prescribed by team doctors. Unfortunately, it has been made clear that NFL policy still prohibits the use of marijuana by players and that yesterday’s announcement is only focused on proposals and research.