The NFL is exploring CBD as an alternative to opioids

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The league wants input on whether pain-relieving options other than opioids are acceptable

Cannabidiol (CBD) is already in wide use in professional sports and has been for quite some time. The thing is, no one talked about it very much or very loudly, fearing that this wonder-drug would be taken away from them. Recent negotiations between the NFL and the Players Union have loosened the rules about the player’s use of marijuana and it no longer carries the stigma that it once did. Clearing CBD products, in the same manner, would seem to be a no-brainer, and the NFL is now conducting a study on whether substances other than opioids should be approved for pain relief.

Now that CBD has become much more widely known and worked its way into American culture, the players and trainers would like to have some sort of official clearance to use CBD for pain. Considering the amount of blocking and tackling involved every day in the NFL, no one group of people on the planet probably needs some sort of pain relief more than professional football players.

In the past, many players have slipped into opioid use for pain control only to find themselves much more out of control for the effort. Opioids do provide temporary relief from pain but are not sustainable over time due to their addicting and debilitating qualities.

Ironically, CBD is not illegal and never has been. Especially since the passage of the Farm Bill in 2018, hemp products are now sold nationwide in various outlets. This is why it seems a bit strange that the NFL Players Association and the NFL are now requesting further information about CBD as alternatives to opioids for pain management. They could just ask their own players and members and gain a whole wealth of information on the effectiveness of CBD products. It is like they are asking permission to use something that was never forbidden in the first place.