The Mendocino County Museum to shed the light on cannabis history

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The museum is preparing a number of forums about how marijuana has come this far

Mendocino County, founded in 1850, was one of the original counties in California. The county is noted for its distinctive Pacific Ocean coastline and is the location of the Mendocino American Viticultural Area. With its vast antiquity, this county’s multi-generational cannabis industry has much to tell, from various stages of legalization to covert hillside cultivation. In order to share all that information, the Mendocino County Museum will open its doors to host a series of forums and a few pieces from the collections.

From February 11 to March 19, the museum will shed some light on the history of marijuana through materials from the Willits Countercultural Museum and Archives and many other activities. With three cannabis history forums lined up, Richard Gergenson and Annie Waters, the forces behind the Counter Culture Museum and Archives, intend to fill all interested enthusiasts with knowledge.

Both will be at the museum on Wednesdays and some weekends to share their collections and talk with visitors about their work. It’s certainly a perfect excuse to visit the Golden State and enrich yourself with its elevated cannabis culture.

This county has, in fact, served as the inspiration for the creation of Mendocino Skunk. The cannabis traditions of two continents meet in this variety. A Skunk hybrid that combines genes from California and Holland to produce a fruity and inspiring effect. The Mendocino Skunk, developed in collaboration with the cannabis legend Tommy Chong, is a hybrid that combines Indica and Sativa genetics and will delight both novice growers and professionals.

Mendocino Skunk is born from the confluence of two traditions, coming from the Emerald Triangle of California, and the coffee shop scene of Amsterdam. Mendocino County is on the north coast of California, and its name has been associated with premium cannabis since the 1960s. A perfect climate and community knowledge have been the breeding ground for this quality of cannabis.