The list of cannabis blogs enthusiasts should follow is growing

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More online content is emerging to guide cannabis consumers

Blogs are a means of disseminating content of great importance on the Internet, which provide not only information but have also established themselves as a place for discussion between visitors and subscribers. This type of information is equally relevant for cannabis lovers, who sometimes want to learn more about what is happening around the plant nowadays. If you want to fill your brain high, there are some cannabis blogs that should definitely be bookmarked in your web browser favorites.

Leafly is undisputedly one of the most popular websites in the country. Besides containing several useful and sometimes entertaining blogs, it also offers detailed information on dispensaries, brands, specific strains, and more. After visiting Leafly’s blog, you can get all the information you need about cannabis, from legalization to culture and marijuana-related topics of great importance today.

If you want to get daily cannabis updates and news of great relevance, Marijuana Moment is the cannabis blog you definitely need to go to. This famous website publishes daily newsletters on the most relevant news regarding marijuana and different legislative movements. After having this information at hand, you will be one of those enthusiasts who will always be up to date when talking to your friends.

Benzinga is not really considered a marijuana-specific site, but readers can find interesting stories about the plant when topics come up. Anyone looking to stay up to date on the cannabis world through the latest news should check Benzinga constantly.

And finally, there is Herb, a very user-friendly website, attractive to the eye and with an essential focus on cannabis and its culture. This is one of the best cannabis sites in terms of design, as it is not overwhelming, and you can navigate it with ease. Its daily updates are ideal for you to stay on top of what is happening within the marijuana universe.